New music life goals: August 2016


Goal: Use the guitar in a far more versatile manner

The guitar is my main instrument - and it's what I write the majority of new ideas on. I've played guitar on-and off for nearly 20 years and I've somewhat settled on a unassuming yet distinct guitar sound. My main setup is a Hagstrom Viking in open-C tuning through a variety of compression, delay and reverb pedals into a Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue

There's plenty of room to improve though. I aspire to use the guitar in a far more versatile manner through discovering new sounds, learning new ideas through being inspired by new techniques and tunings, as well as investing in the right equipment and tools (e.g. effects pedals).


Goal: Improving my understanding of my DAW (Logic Pro 9)

1) Improving Navigation - less time wasted navigating through Logic's interface is more time to be creative. Creating more efficient working projects, particularly if I plan to collaborate more with other musicians.

2) Developing new Techniques/ideas - there's so much scope within Logic that I'm not using. Whether it's making strings more believable, creating new sounds to sample with, unlocking potentialy of their synthesizers, as well as post-production.

3) Discovering more Tools and Plugins - taking the time to learn how plugins work. Whether it's Logic's native plugins like Ultrabeat, ES2 (Virtual Analogue Synth), EXS24 mkII (software sampler) or any external plugins I discover

Learning new instruments

Goal: Learn more live production tools

Improving my understanding of linking hardware (e.g. Drum Machines/Loopers/Samplers/Midi Controllers) to digital sounds for live performance.

Goal: Learn a new acoustic instrument

Fuck it. I'm going to learn the cello.